About Us
A bag and a box of Winter Sweetz fresh Rio red grapefruit
Who is winter sweetz?

From deep down in the Lone Star State—Mission to be exact—comes the most exquisite, tree-ripened, Texas Red Grapefruit ever tasted by man. We are Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ . Our yumminess is brought to you by our hardworking planters, growers, harvesters, and distributors who make sure you only receive the freshest, tastiest, sweetest Texas Red Grapefruit on the market.

Customers Love Our Sweet, Texas Red Grapefruit

The only thing that is bittersweet about Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ is that our season only lasts from October to April, with peak sweetness happening between November and March. After that, it may seem like quite the wait to savor our sweet, unique Texas treats.

But thanks to the temperate climate and rich soil that is abundant in the Rio Grande Valley, we’ll get that familiar sweetness brought back to your table quicker than you can say “Cowboy Caviar”.

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

There’s something in that Texas air that makes our Texas Red Grapefruit more delicious than the rest. Maybe it’s the constant Texas sunshine that helps us grow our grapefruits into the delectable South Texas jewels that they are. Perhaps there’s a little magic in that Mission soil. Whatever the case may be, Lone Star Citrus pours their heart into making Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ the Texas Red Grapefruit everyone loves.

Did You Know

A grapefruit’s pith and peel contain natural oils that cause that bitter taste you’ve probably come to think of as “grapefruit”. Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ grapefruits are different. We have less pith and more sweet. By learning the secret to freeing those delightful Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ segmentz, you’ll be able to enjoy the full sweetness and zing in every bite. And don’t worry, segmenting a Texas Red Grapefruit is easy-peasy, and the results are oh-so-worth-it! Join the grapefruit revolution and set those segmentz free!