Off-Season at Winter SweetzTM: When Patience Is a Virtue

Off-Season at Winter SweetzTM: When Patience Is a Virtue

Off-Season at Winter SweetzTM: When Patience Is a Virtue
Did you know that the Texas Rio Red Grapefruit season runs from October through April?

These months are our golden hour to produce and harvest the sweetest Texas red grapefruit. But what happens during our off-season?

The secret to serving you the sweetest Texas red grapefruit during our seasonal months is in the never-ending work we perform all year around.

What Do We Do During Our Off-Season?

Most people might think that we sit back, relax, go on vacation and come back when grapefruit season arrives.

If we did this, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the sweetest Texas Rio Red Grapefruit. As a matter of fact, the hard work we do in our off-season sets us up for success during our in-season. We aim to have a bountiful harvest every year, so our off-season work is vital in reaching this goal.

Areas of Focus During Off-Season:

    Here at Winter SweetzTM , we focus on objectives that will set us up for a healthy and successful in-season. This includes organizing when we will plant our seeds, irrigate, and control pests.


    In the scheduling process, we work to connect with retailers such as Costco, Kroger, Walmart, etc., and negotiate future shipments. We even travel on the road to talk to retailers outside Texas state lines because we want to share the juicy sweetness of Winter SweetzTM with those beyond the Rio Grande Valley and Texas.


    When it comes to producing our sweet red grapefruit, monitoring the health and growth of our grapefruit trees is a very important task in our off-season. From seedling to full-grown grapefruit tree, we look at the different stages of growth, which helps us to understand when ripeness will occur as our harvesting season arrives. Secondly, we can witness any overgrowth that needs to be cut by hand. Doing these things will ensure a strong and steady growing season.


    Just like most businesses, there needs to be a time when we pause and repair. Here at Winter SweetzTM , we repair and maintain our harvest equipment. When we know that our equipment is in good condition and up-to-par, we can go into our in-season with full confidence.


    After being so busy in our off-season, the time to harvest will soon be upon us. We will be ready to tackle our grapefruit season prepared, strong, and determined to cultivate only the best sweet red grapefruit.

Does the Time of Year Affect How Sweet Grapefruit Can Be?

The simple answer is, yes.

When we look at the three major producers of grapefruit, they are Texas, California, and Florida. When we look at each state, each provides a uniquely different grapefruit. Even though each state is known for a certain grapefruit, the truth is that each produces a variety of grapefruits.

The answer to, “Does time of year affect sweetness?,” lies with climate and harvesting techniques.

For example, the Rio Grande Valley has a temperate climate and rich soil. Additionally, the time of harvest is between the months of October through April. This aids in the sweetness of the Texas Rio Red Grapefruit due to harvesting at a later time.

In California, we find a similar climate to that of Texas but their soil differs. The acidity and drainage of soil make California citrus a little more sour in comparison to WinterSweetzTM . Harvest time for California typically falls between January through June.

Last but not least, Florida has the ability to grow Flame Grapefruit, Marsh White Grapefruit, and Ruby Red. This is due to their subtropical climate. Other factors to consider are the moderate temperatures, sandy soil, and abundant rain and sunshine. Harvesting in Florida occurs from November to May.

When combining all these factors, the most important aspect to focus on is the time given for the grapefruit to ripen. If the grapefruit is harvested too soon and sold to you during the months of July, August, and September, then the grapefruit may be bitter in taste. There are other aspects that contribute to bitterness but if you are looking for the sweetest grapefruit, look no further than the Texas Rio Red grapefruit.

Waiting is truly a virtue and it ensures that we deliver the sweetest grapefruit on the market during our peak season of November through March.

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