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Texas vs. California & Florida: Who Has the Best Grapefruits? (Hint: It’s Texas)

Off-Season at Winter SweetzTM: When Patience Is a Virtue
Being unbelievably delicious and sweet ain’t easy.

In fact. It’s hard work, but at Winter Sweetz™, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re passionate about our grapefruit and do everything we can to ensure our trees and fruits always get five-star treatment.

Our Winter Sweetz™ Texas Rio Red grapefruit work hard every growing season, soaking in plenty of glorious South Texas sun, growing sweeter and tastier by the minute. With gorgeous tropical weather, perfectly suited soil, and our unbeatable grove care, South Texas allows us to grow some of the nation’s most scrumptious grapefruit–especially in comparison to grapefruit from California and Florida.

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 The Rio Grande Valley: The Secret to Winter SweetzGrapefruit

After years spent in what is essentially a grapefruit sapling spa, our trees finally get the chance to see the real world and get to work. Luckily, they still get spoiled by that amazing South Texas climate and soil.

The humidity and hot Rio Grande Valley temperatures help our sweet red grapefruit grow big and healthy. It’s the South Texas climate, temperatures, and windy days that help to increase the fruit’s sugars and lower its acidity–giving you that hallmark taste you’ve come to expect from a Winter Sweetz™ Rio Red grapefruit.

In short, it’s these differences in climate and soil conditions that help to separate Winter Sweetz from the rest.

Don’t Mess With Texas…Grapefruit!

It’s no secret that the Texas Rio Red grapefruit is considered the top grapefruit on the market. Its sweetness and not-too-sour flavor make it the perfect grapefruit to just peel and eat (or segment), as well as for desserts, recipes, and even drinks.

The reputation of our Winter Sweetz™ grapefruit, and Rio Grande Valley grapefruit for that matter, proceeds us. Here’s why.

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Texas Grapefruit

Texas-grown grapefruit are among the sweetest varieties available. Because grapefruits have a need for heat during the growing season, especially if they are going to be sweet, the South Texas climate is ideal for growing grapefruits. 

Additionally, grapefruits can be sensitive to cold temperatures, and since South Texas rarely sees freezing temperatures, our grapefruits are able to become the sweetest they can be.

Florida Grapefruit

Florida grapefruit are either pink or white, much different from the sweet red grapefruit found in Texas. These varieties are often much more acidic than Texas fruit due to the acidity in Florida’s soil. The sandy soil common to Florida makes the fruit grown there have less flavor than other types. 

If you happen to like bitter grapefruit, Florida grapefruit may be more up your alley.

California Grapefruit

Like those grown in Florida, California grapefruits can either be pink or white. These grapefruit are known for high levels of naringin, the stuff that gives grapefruit a sour taste. Because a lot of grapefruits grown in California are raised in the state’s inland valleys and coastal region, they aren’t exposed to the hot temperatures the fruits need to become sweet.  

Suffice to say, grapefruits may grow a bit easier in other states, but they sure don’t grow as tasty. 

Winter Sweetz Thanks You for Your Continued Support and Trust in the Quality of Our Texas Rio Red Grapefruit.

While you might be able to find grapefruits in stock at your local grocery store right now, the best is yet to come. And trust us, you won’t want to miss this next season.

Winter Sweetz™ Texas Rio Red grapefruits still have a couple of months left before you can find us at your local grocers. Our grapefruit reach peak ripeness during the winter months and are at their sweetest in late winter and early spring.

Don’t worry. It’s only a few more months before the legend is back in town. Until then, catch up with the latest going on this growing season by following us on social media today.

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